Will you be there?


The Australian Greens are about to kick off one of the most comprehensive consultation processes we’ve run in our almost 25-year history. We’ve grown from scattered grass-roots parties in different states to a strong federation with 10 federal MPs, 23 state MPs, hundreds of Councillors and more than 15,000 members.

Now it’s time to think big about where the Australian Greens are going next and what role we want to play in building the future of our nation. That’s where you come in.

Would you sign up to attend one of our face-to-face planning workshops?

Next year is our 25th anniversary. Now is the ideal time to take a close look at our hopes and goals and work together to co-create our Strategic Plan for the next federal election and beyond.

Now is the time to think big

We want to make sure every Greens supporter’s voice is heard. We’ll be sending out a number of surveys to every member and supporter, we’ll be holding a planning workshop at National Conference in Perth and we’ll hold face-to-face workshops across our major cities and will be engaging with members in regional centres through online forums.

You can be a part of creating the next phase of the Australian Greens. Let us know if you’d like to attend a face-to-face workshop.

In the past 25 years, you’ve helped us change the face of Australian politics. Thanks to you, there are voices in federal government standing up for the Great Barrier Reef against big mining corporations and standing up for asylum seekers against cruel treatment; there are voices in state governments standing up for public transport and public hospitals, for local schools and the local environment; and local councillors standing up for liveable communities across the country.

What’s next?

Let’s dream big.

Penny Allman-Payne 

PS: Know someone with big ideas who ought to be in this conversation too? Forward this email to them and let them know.