Join the nonviolence discussion group for our second meeting in 2019: a thought-provoking topic

The evening's discussion will be led by Matt Roberts, Greens WA Co-convenor, long-term Greens members and nonviolence practitioners.

The peace and nonviolence discussions have roamed far and wide since we started meeting 18 months ago.  It's not about having the 'right answers' but more about getting to have a thought-provoking  discussion with other folk in our movement. 

All Greens members and supporters are welcome to attend this workshop. You don't need any prior experience. 

For more information please contact Matt at  or 0430232070

More background on the topic:

Behrouz Boochani wrote his award winning book No Friend but the Mountain in Manus prison, one text message at a time. Behrouz is still a person caught up in the cruel theatre of our government's bi-partisan refugee policy and has had to live a hard reality. We will discuss the concept of peace and nonviolence with his self-reflection in mind:


"For years and years I contemplated finding protection within the mountains, a region where I would have to take up the gun, a region where I would be among those who couldn't comprehend the value of the pen, a region where I would be obliged to speak their language, the language of armed resistance. But every time I pondered the glory and power of the pen, I would go weak at the knees.


To this very day, I do not know if I have a peace-loving spirit or if I was just frightened. I still don't know if I was afraid of fighting in the mountains, if I was afraid of taking up the gun, or if I truly believe that liberation of Kurdistan couldn't be achieved through the barrel of a gun.  This plagued me: maybe I was a coward; maybe my cowardice redirected my thoughts towards a preference for peace, redirected my thoughts to privileging the power of the pen, compelled me to pursue cultural expression as resistance." (pp 71-72)


Behrouz goes on to talk about theories being all well and good, until we have to embody them. Most of us haven’t faced the same stark choice (guns in the mountains), but there is a choice in following the four pillars that we have at the base of our Greens movement. What does it mean to you to choose nonviolence? Does it feel like an act of cowardice? Would that be the worst thing?


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Jul 24th, 2019 06:00 PM through to
Jul 24th, 2019 08:00 PM


The Greens (WA) Office
Level 1 440 William St Perth


0430 232 070
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