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Asha for Oxley: Doorknock in Oxley

Doorknocking is about so much more than getting one person elected.

It connects us with the community, makes our city less anonymous, and shows us that people are smarter, kinder (and Greener) than our media and our government want you to think.

During doorknocking you learn about people's concerns, aspirations, and how to find common ground when discussing our vision for a more just and sustainable world. 

Our campaigns are based on what we hear on the doors because people have great ideas. They are deeply connected to their local community and want a very different government to what is on offer now - one that acts with integrity, respect and care. 

This is part of a new way of doing politics  – one where we listen to, engage and then bring the community's voice into the public debate. 

All we need is you. 

Doorknocking is the most effective way to swing people to the Greens. Sometimes all it takes is a smiling Greens volunteer and a quick chat to change a vote to the Greens and it can be a lot of fun. We find doorknock is so powerful that one in every three conversations swings a vote. 

If you have never doorknocked before, we provide training and pair you up with an experienced doorknocker so you will be well looked after.

You don't need to be a policy expert. We have experienced doorknockers and resources on hand that will bring you up to speed.

Bring warm clothing if it's looking a little chilly, a hat/water bottle if it's hot and raincoat and umbrella if it looks like there will be a bit of rain. Also bring masks, they're not required while doorknocking but it's good to have one on you anyway. 

At the start of a Door Knocking Session you'll meet your team and have a quick briefing; before heading out in pairs and talking to voters!  

We only need a 1.5% swing to elect a second Senator for Queensland!

By spending a few hours volunteering with us you'll help us to elect Penny and to vote out Pauline Hanson.

Will you come and build this movement with us?

It's all happening in Oxley. We'll meet at Shearwater Park, Springfield Lakes for a briefing and meet back there aftwerwards for a debrief and maybe a drink from the bar.

Let's reach as many people as we can!  Click 'Register now!' to be a part of it

We'll meet up again after the door knock for a debrief. 

Date & Time

Date: Saturday the 27th, November, 2021
Time: 2:30-5:30PM


Shearwater Park, Springfield Lakes


If you'd like more information before signing up, email 

or call Chris Richardson at 0422131130

Let's reach as many people as we can!  Click 'Register now!' to be a part of it

27th November, 2021 2:30 PM   through   5:30 PM
Shearwater Park
Springfield Lakes

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Mobile: 0422 131 130

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