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Join us as we kick off our campaign to turn Curtin Green!

CAMERON for CURTIN - Campaign Kick Off 

This election we have a chance of forming a minority government - we are only a few hundred votes away! We aim to retain our Senate seat by getting Dorinda Cox elected to the Senate this Federal Election. 

Every vote in Curtin counts and we know that the people of Curtin are sick of both Labor ands Liberal parties, their procrastination about Climate Change and their lack of transparency about donations and funding allocations. 

The Greens are the only party fighting for our future. We’ll tackle the climate crisis and make billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share of tax.

We don't take the millions of dollars from corporations like the major parties, we rely on people like you to help power our movement.

Join us on October 16 at 5PM as we kick off our campaign to turn Curtin Green. Meet  Cameron Pidgeon and find out  about what the Greens can do for WA in parliament. 

Will you come and build this movement with us?

WHEN: 5PM on Saturday October 16th
WHERE: The Albion Hotel Beer Garden, Cottesloe
WHAT: Our Curtin Campaign Kick-off!

Let's reach as many people as we can!  Click 'Register now!' to be a part of it




16th October, 2021 5:00 PM   through   7:00 PM
535 Stirling Highway
The Albion Hotel

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