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Australian politics isn't working, for people or the planet. At this year's election, Canberra has our best chance ever to send Greens to Parliament and pull the major parties in the right direction.

The new House seat of Canberra can give our progressive community a voice of its own, by voting in Tim Hollo as our local Greens MP.

In the Senate, Dr Penny Kyburz is ready to replace hard-right Liberal Senator Zed Seselja and his unpopular, outdated views.

In 2019, we can change politics together. Join us.

Volunteer. Donate. Vote.

You can make a one off donation or, if you are able, become a donor who contributes regularly to the party to ensure we are ready to run a federal election campaign in 2019 and a territory election campaign in 2020. Simply select "I'd like to repeat my contribution monthly" on this form. 



Donors should be aware that ACT electoral law requires us to provide details of gifts over $1000 to Elections ACT. For an individual, those details include the date and amount of the gift and the name and address of the donor. Elections ACT makes these details public. Multiple gifts which sum to over $1000 must also be disclosed. More information about disclosure obligations under ACT electoral law is available on the Elections ACT website.


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